Stone Repair

This page showcases various stone repair projects we have done throughout my career. See my contact information below and get in touch.

Botts Cemetery

This is what we found waiting for us at Botts Cemetery. As you can see, the monument was in bad shape. First, we re-seated the base, then cleaned the stone. When all was ready, we mounted the pedestal to finish the project.

The Simpson Project

This is what we found at the Simpson plot. First, we moved the memorial to a safe site. Then, we raised, leveled, and cleaned the base. When done, we returned the memorial stone to its place on the restored base. The final step was to replace and smooth the dirt surrounding the base.

Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Here, we began by building a new base and mounting the lower half of the stone. When the cement was cured, we reattached the top half. The monument was in its new home.

Monument Repair

The work on this monument (below) is a great example of monument repairs. the top of this monument was broken off and was resting at the base of the monument. Not only did Burns Family Cemetery Services reset the monument’s top we also extensively cleaned the entire monument. The final result is a beautiful monument.

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